Playground Carryminati Grand Finale Winner Name: Who won Playground Season 1? Prize Money, Team Rewards, and, more!: Have you heard about the first-ever gaming amusement performance in the world which is going to take place in India? Today we are talking about Playground, which is a mega competition between some famous and well-known gamers from India and their teams. In Playground, the participants will show their skills and abilities to play the game while entertaining the viewers or audience. Follow More Updates On

Playground Carryminati Grand Finale Winner

Playground Grand Finale Winner

And the face of the first Indian gaming amusement performance are famous Youtubers and gamers like playground Carryminati, Mortal, Scout, and Triggered Insaan. Here is a lot more to learn about the Playground and its team leaders. If you read down the page then you will surely become educated on every imperative aspect of Playground. So start learning.

The event will kick start with its tryout round in which team leaders or mentors evaluate the players’ talents and skills before choosing if they should purchase them in the auction or not. The team leaders will be allowed to bid for their favorite player or participants and they have to build their team during the auction. You may have watched a cricketer’s auction in Indian T20 League but this will be the first time when the auction will take place before a gaming event. It will be interesting to see what strategy team mentors will use while building their teams during the Mega auction stage. Have a look below to learn more about Playground.

Playground Carryminati Grand Finale Winner

You can stream the first season of Playground for free which is available on Youtube for free. Users have to visit Playground’s official Youtube channel to watch the first season. However, the first season of Playground is also being streamed on Amazon Mini TV as it is a venture of the Amazon Shopping App. During the battle, as many as four teams will battle with each other in different stages of the game and there will be numerous rounds. The winner will receive the most point but the official rules and regulations are yet to release. What is the winning amount? Learn this in the next section.

Playground Grand Finale Winner Prize Money

Four teams will combat hard and each team will be mentored by some prominent gaming celebrities like Mortal, Scout, Triggered Insaan, and one ‘n’ only Carryminati. As per the source, the reward money is said to be Rs 50,00,000. Yes, you read it right the winner will get a whopping amount of Rs. 50 lakh.

This report is coming from the world of eSports where there was a grand tournament announced as the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro series. It was a tournament to decide the best professional BGMI team in India. And to no surprise, the winning title was taken by none other than the biggest eSports franchise in India. Yes, it was none other than Team Soul.

The people who say that Soul is an emotion must have felt this emotion when the team dominated the entire finale of the tournament. There was not even a single match where it looked like the team was shaking or was not up to par. The team’s performance was quite exquisite ever since day 1 of the grand finals. Their domination can be seen via the points table they had a lead of 85 points which is worth the score of some teams’ points after playing for the whole day. They would have even scored a 100-point lead but the competition was tough and they didn’t let them take a lead of more than 100 points. But, even so, this is a moment of history for the team as they clinched the title of BMPS champions.

We will be sharing the details of the leaderboard and the history of the team and much more. So stay tuned to know more about your favorite team.

BMPS Points table

The ranking of the table was led by none other than Team soul at #1, behind them was the runner-up team Orange Rock which secured the #2 position and at the third place was Enigma gaming. The ranking of the teams is as follows:

  • Team Soul¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† – #1
  • OR Esports¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†– #2
  • Enigma Gaming¬† – #3
  • Global Esports¬† ¬† – #4
  • FS Esports¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†– #5
  • Nigma Galaxy¬† ¬† – #6
  • Big Brother¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† – #7
  • Team XO¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†– #8 and so on…

A lot of teams were competing for the title of BMPS champions but Team Soul ended up as the winner.

This isn’t the first time that Team Soul has won any titles. They have won many titles in the past as well and have represented India at the global level as well a couple of times.

Team Soul won INR 75 lakh along with the champion’s title. Goblin from Team Soul was given the MVP award for his astounding 71 finishes, the rampage freak was awarded Akshat from Team Soul. Most of the individual performance awards were also clinched by members of Team Soul. The MVP was awarded INR 2.5 lakh, and the team with the most finishes was also Team Soul and was awarded INR 2 lakh. The Lone Survivor and Rampage freak were also awarded INR 1 lakh and both were from Team Soul.


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