The episode starts with Omkar recalls Neel’s word that Mayura has lost her memory. He thinks Mayura’s parents haven’t told her about her past as he has tortured them. But now I have been changed and want to start a new life with Mayura. He decides to tell the truth to Mayura about their relationship. But this is not good for Mayura’s mental health so he drops his plan. Might be destiny doesn’t want them to be together. He says he is happy that Mayura is alive and he always wants to see her happy.

Pinja Khoobsurati Ka
Pinja Khoobsurati Ka

Then Mayura comes to him and asks him to have some water as Omkar is crying. She apologizes to him for everything which happened in the corridor. Omkar thinks if destiny doesn’t want us to be together then why they meet like this. He says he will try his best to regain Mayura’s love. Then Mayura had a dream about Omkar and feels some connection with him. Neel comes to see her if she is fine and give her breakfast. He tells her that her father hasn’t changed his decision of leaving Bhopal. Neel suggests Mayura ask her father the reason behind it.

Mayura has a dream to become a homeopathy doctor and serve the people. She thinks if she will again leave the city then it would delay fulfilling her dream. She goes to her father and asks him the reason for leaving Bhopal again. His father says after her accident she has her memories of this city. If she will be here she will recall them again and again which is not good for her mental health. Mayura tries to convince her that Neel is her doctor and he is taking care of her health. She needs to fulfill her dream soon.

Other side Aishwarya sees Mayura’s mother and grandmother in the market. She follows them to their house. She asks if Mayura is alive then where they hide her. Dadi refuses to tell her anything regarding Mayura and asks her to never come again. Aishwarya forcefully tries to enter Mayura’s room and called her to come out. She says I know you are alive but you are hiding from everyone. Mayura’s mother scolds her and warns her to never get close to Mayura. If she will try to harm her again it wouldn’t be good for her.

Aishwarya says that she is assured that Mayura has survived that accident but she cannot come back in Omkar’s life. She says I am Omkar’s wife now and I will not leave him ever. She says if they want Mayura to be happy then keep her away from Omkar and her married life. Dadi says that Mayura will never come back in their life as they are leaving Bhopal soon. Aishwarya is happy to know about it. She calls Omkar but his phone is switched off.



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