The Colors serial ‘Pinjara Khubsurti Ka’ has been trending now on the internet because of its interesting episodes. As we know the new show earned many fans in very few days. This daily soap is produced by the Saurabh Tewari and going popular with day-by-day Drama, Romance genres. The show gains its popularity among the list of romantic show on television. So, stay with us to know more about the upcoming episode of ‘Pinjra Khubsurti Ka’ which going to telecast on 24 September. This is the written update of this show.

Pinjra Khubsurti Ka 24th September Latest Update Written Episode Spoiler Alert

The 24 September episode starts with Mayura and Omkar. Where Omkar has been shouted and wants to go hospital due to the Rash but Mayura says its just a rash because of jewelry. and then Omkar says to Piyush to get the car ready for going to the hospital. But after watching the rash Piyush also said that It is just a small normal rash. Suddenly Manjli is there and she says wait let me see and she agreed with Omkar said you should take her immediately to the doctor.

After reaching the hospital Mayura says to Piyush What happened to Omkar why he reacted extra on this normal jewelry rash. He replied to her that don’t worry Omkar react like this sometimes. continuing the conversation Piyush says most married wives always complain that their husbands are not doing care of them and not worried about their discomfort but on the other hand, you have a husband like him who reacts extra on a simple jewelry rash. You should thank god. and let me check the rash.

Omkar still worried and asks Mayura are you feel better now. She replied to him I am okay and the doctor checks the rash don’t worry. After reaching home. Manjali says are you okay Don’t worry Ashu has come there. Then Mayura asks Ashu why you came here, to replying to Mayura he says that on the wedding day your cousins are slipped in the bathroom and I came here for them not for you. after knowing this Mayura says I will go with you as well. Omkar stops her but Manjli says we should go with her.

Manjali and Omkar are now going with Mayura to see the cousins of Mayura. after entering the room Mayura crying and she saying our wedding is ruined because of me. Omkar says we should sleep and Mayura sleep in the arms Omkar.

On the next morning, Sanjay says you have to do sweet food rituals in the kitchen. she replied I already made tea with sugar also. I am done. after that omkar doing aarti, suddenly Mayura came and join him and says sorry I am late on the first day. Omkar applies sindoor in her hairline. manjli says always wear sindur in the hairline. She again says sorry and Omkar says it’s Okay. majali says forget today but wake up on time from tomorrow.


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