The episode begins with Omkar as Omkar and Mayura talk of each other falling and Shankar and Manjari get tense. Aishwarya feels that she is a crazy person who pushed me harder, her hand is still in a painful state. Manjari says that my son could not sleep all night and did not even take a shower. He is just suffering from pain, she says she does not know what happened to him. Shankar says that he really loves Mayura. Manjari says you always speak badly. Omkar goes out of the house, though Manjari tries to stop him, but he ignores her and goes out of the house.


On the other hand, Omkar comes to Panditji and says that he wants to donate the music to Som Sartaj Omkar. Manjari asks what are you saying. Omkar says that when the old Sartaj dies, a new Omkar is born. Manjari says what I want to say, I do not understand anything and that girl hates you and says forget me. Omkar asks why are you saying this so sorry if we have made a mistake. She says do not say so, she has saved my life and forgave me but I am sad because I am still regretting my actions.

In the next scene, we see that don’t tell me that she is nothing to you because for me she is everything and tells me everything, it takes time to understand it but she is not bad of heart and that is why I Lost it. Snatching is not loved, they say I can’t find the difference between right and wrong. Mayura from my side is perfect at every moment and she says that I am wrong. She says that we cannot find out the good of anyone by looking at someone’s face.

Meanwhile, the conversation starts between both of them, now a new twist came on the show that you will see in the upcoming episodes, let’s wait for the next written update and think what will happen in the next episode? Along with the episode, ends. Don’t miss this upcoming twist and turn on Colors at 9:30 Pm.


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