Pinjara Khubsurti Ka is an Indian Television serial. The show premiered on 24 August 2020. It stars Riya Sharma and Sahil Upaal in the lead roles. Through this article, we will tell you about the recent twist what is going on, you might know that he has spoiled her face because he could not get her. Now she is full of courage, and looking for taking revenge from him, so let’s see what she is supposed to do in the forthcoming episode. Move forward to know.

pinjara Khubsurati ka

The upcoming episode starts with Mayura because Mayura sees a girl in front of her late mother – Omkar starts shrieking in a cage. She tells him that she knows that he is following her. So he carefully put her back there. She bluffs while Omkar grapples indoors. She tells him that he has asked her why she does not move away from her life, so the answer is that she wants to deceive him like she wants to tie him in a cage, she recognizes how Omkar told her Was kept like a golden cage at home.

Written Update of 1 December 2020

She says to him why he is always stuck in the prison. It’s not good to be on iron roads we should be followers of our thoughts of the mind. So, that’s why she used this technique to trick him with her mind games. On the other hand, Manjeri is stressed about Omkar because he did not return home. She asks Lizard where is he, She said we could not find him. Omkar keeps following Mayura, if she does something wrong to him so what would happen that’s why we have to find him as soon as possible.

In the jungle, Omkar is still being teased by Mayura and Omkar gets angry at Mayura. He tells his mother that one man comes and saves him. Omkar is so happy you think that his man will come to save him till morning. Mayura smiles at his plight and Omkar distracted with her. In the next scene, we get to see Omkar snatches the key from the necklace and opens up to push Mayura. Omkar returns home, Shanka calls Asutosh from informing him about his family members.

On the other side, Mayura finds a girl in front of the goddess. In the precap, we get to see Mayura Omkar are together with the goddess Trishul. In the upcoming episode, we will see upcoming twists and turns. For more written updates related to the show stay on the same page.


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