‘Pinjara Khubsurti Ka’ is a popular serial on Colors Tv with lots of twists and exotic spice thriller dialogues. This daily soap earns huge TRP for Colors. It comes with new unexpected turns and suspense in the story which entertains the audience. Here we have written an update of the upcoming episode of 7 October 2020, Which gone be telecast on today’s evening on your Tv screens. You will know all the upcoming incidents of today’s episode.

pinjara khubsurati ka


What will happen in ‘Pinjara Khubsurti Ka’ on 7 October 2020 Episode

The episode starts with a new twist in this serial. As this serial is basically depended upon the beauty of Mayura and the attitude of Omkar. In this episode, Mayura trying to leave the house but along with she remember all the moments which happened with omkar. She remembers all the words of Omkar which he told her in past romantic days.

Mayura thinks when Omkar told her that he accepts the stain on the moon but he never accepts stain on Mayura’s beauty. In previous episodes, we saw how Omkar was really very extra obsessed for Mayura. When she has a small scratch on neck due to her jewellery. Omkar gets very hyper and reacts extraordinary on it, although other people try to calm him he immediately took Mayura to hospital for treatment.

After that, his brother also told Mayura that you are so lucky to have a husband like Omkar because there are many other women who daily complain about ignorance from their husbands. But if we talk about Mayura’s side, She is really upset to know the reality of Omkar that he loves her beauty and attracted due to her beauty. As she always wants for a partner who loves her nature, not beauty. She will get upset when she remembers Omkar’s words.

Omkar gets a call from a journalist to take an interview with her wife. She asks omkar, Sir can I take an interview of you with your wife I see her today and she is the natural beauty of nature. Omkar gets angry and screams on Mayura with his rude behaviour. He tells, I told you to be in the house premise only but still, you went outside without my permission.

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