The episode begins with Occasional Coordination as the Occult Coordinator receives some information from Omkar about family and says that he will come tomorrow. Manjari requests that Ashwariya smile and say that the dead persons do not return. On the other side, Onkar comes to meet Mayura, who plays in the Aaralee Sea Ladki foundation. He happily leads the medical clinic bed and apologizes for every mistake he made, Sometime later, Omkar is stunned to see a person as he has an accident and is crushed, saying that he has not yet surrendered, although Mayura has no information about it yet.

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Apart from this, complete information about Omkar has not been received yet. She says he will come tomorrow. Manjari requests for Omkar’s early arrival. In the next scene, we see that he happily goes to the medical clinic bed and apologizes for every mistake and say that I am guilty of you, please forgive me. Mayura forgives him but she is unable to forget his past. After that, Mayura starts playing with children and omkar is happy to see her.

As per the expectation, there are many twists waiting for all of us and the situation getting change in the life of Omkar and Mayura. As we saw in the previous episode, Omkar is remorseful to Mayura for him every mistake which was he made in past and Mayura is also forgiving him for every mistake but he is completely unable to forget the past moments which was she spent with Omkar.

In the upcoming episode, we will see new twists and turns where the start will be a new beginning of Mayura and Omkar’s life, which the audience has been waiting for a long time to see, so now your wait will be over because in the upcoming episode, coming new fun twist that you will soon see on the show.


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