“Pinjra Khubsoorti Ka” is a new serial, which is telecast on the colors TV. The show is aired from Monday to Friday at 9 PM, starts on 24 August 2020. In today’s show, the episodes start with Omkar shouting at the doctor. He is just a stone. Omkara says that I drew Myura’s line in my hand And now you said that she will go from my hand. He gets angry and said that now he will write her name so dark in his hand and he picks a knife and start cutting his hand. Manjhali is so scared. They all said stop this stupidity.

pinjara khubsurati ka

They said that Mayuri is always in your hand. Guruji said that her beauty is a curse min your whole life. She is like a free bird. He leaves. Manjali says they leave now. Omkar said that we will do worship for Mayura. Call the best priest for the worship. Manjali said that but Mayura is still sleeping and she doesn’t know that she will ready to do this pooja or not. Piyush comes and says sorry, perhaps I am come on wrong time. All are ready for the press conference. Manjali said Omi, Sanjay, and Megha come.

She said forgive me, I am late. Omkar said that time is the real money. Manjhali said that I told you to come at the correct time don’t be late. Majali prepares for the aarti. She collides with Megha. Megha says that your leaf is failed. She said that she is doing by mistake. Manjali said that can’t you see. You are also see here without any invitation? She said that she is her sister’s house. And my husband is your servant but I am not your servant. Manjali said that you can’t meet with Mayura. Megha asks why? She said that this is not your court.

Omkar comes to do the deal. He said that he should be for Mayura. Omkar ask to Manjul did Mayura is alright. Megha hides in the Mayura room. Mayura takes the snacks in the Mayura room. She is trying to wake up but she can’t able to do it. Omkar is the lock-in office. He becomes angry and starts breaks all the things. Omkar says that he has to at home for Mayura. Manjali comes to the Mayura room and pours the gangajal. For more information keep follow our site and know the latest written episode of the serial and stay connect with us.


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