The latest episode of today starts with Mayura Because Mayura requests that please leave my hand. After some time, Aishwarya sits in the vehicle and wishes everyone Happy New Year on behalf of Myura and as we told Mayura, they request that they leave her hand and listen to her. Aishwarya thinks that driving is very funny work. Does the controller request Mayura then Mayura reveals what he did to Onkar? Mayura says that I was safely in the room since night. Manjari says that my child was absent from the night, despite the fact that Bali saw him well. Mayura says since when I am pleading with you, that you let me go. Manjari, holding this, requests the inspector to pay attention to Mayura’s point.pinjara khusurati ka

Further on in the next scene, Mayura thinks if no one knows about Omkar, then how do I find his. After some time a plan comes to her mind and she thinks to use the police van radio to find Omkar’s vehicle. She advises the police on the radio to throw light on the incident and the police notice this. After that, someone sees a silver-shaded car and tells her the number.

Aishwarya stops the vehicle, let us tell you that Omkar is present in this vehicle. Aishwarya attempts to stop the vehicle and tells Manish that she will be rebuffed for cheating. Meanwhile, Omkar realizes that cash is important to him, although he is present in the same vehicle. Unfortunately, Aishwarya is unable to stop that car, so let us tell you that the search for Omkar starts again.

Omkar requests that he take her out. On the other side, the police show up with Bali via Omkar. Manjari implores God to save Omkar. Further, Shankar and Mayura appeal to God for Omkar and pray for his consent. In the next scene, we will see that Omkar will finally meet and tell Mayura that you have saved me before and even you have tried to save me. Mayura says that where there is contempt, there is worship. She says that I never planned to kill you. She says that I can never think of doing this.

In the end, Omkar says that you were right and I was not right. It was my mistake to not believe in you. Finally, Omkar says to forget everything and move forward. If you want to witness then do not forget to watch this upcoming episode of “Pijnara Khubsurti Ka” on Colors at 9:00 Pm.


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