The serial is going to be quite interesting after the last episode of the serial “Pinjara Khubsurti Ka” because in the last episode we get to see lots of drama and twists which were increasing the entertainment of the show. If we talk about the latest episode, the episode starts with Mayura as she tells Mayuraomkar that she trusts him completely but she cannot go without telling her family as she respects their rules. After that, Omkar says Mayura to inform her family that she is absolutely fine.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

In the next scene, Mayura asks Onkar why he cares for her so much, instead, they have met a few days earlier, why is he so worried about her. She says that we are not bound in an age-long relationship, which you seem to be attracted to me. Meanwhile, Neil states that what Omkar did was extremely disgusting and warned him to stay away from Mayura and his family. Omkar becomes hyper and refuses to obey Neil.

Omkar says that she is Mayura’s husband and no power in the world can stop him from meeting his wife. Neil says about the relationship he is talking about, Mayura doesn’t even remember his name. She has forgotten everything. In the next scene, Neil goes to Mayura’s house and Mayura’s family expresses his gratitude and how long they think they will save Mayura.

However, grandma wants to tell him the truth, Neil warns grandma to do not to tell anything to Mayura because after she knows everything then she will not live well. Neil guarantees to Mayura’s family that Omkar cannot touch Mayura as long as he is with her. On the other hand, Mayura thinks about her chunri and says that my chunri is not being found.

Besides, she looks for the trunk in her room. Omkar asks Ashutosh to trust him. He says that I will win Mayura’s heart again with immense love and this time I will keep her very happy. In her room, Mayura opens the trunk and is shocked to see something. Now, it will be interesting to see what that thing after watched Mayura surprised. If you want to know the story ahead of it then stay with us.


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