The upcoming episode of “Pinjara Khubsurti Kaa” starts with Mayura as Mayura asks Ashutosh what is happening to him. She says that she feels that she is worried about an issue but there may be some other reason. Ashutosh says that there is no other reason. On the other side, Onkar beats the door of his room and tells who has locked him from outside. In the next scene, Ashutosh convinces her that I have no problem Mayura asks Ashutosh that he thinks he is hiding something from her and that it is related to an accident.pinjara

Mayura requests that she tell me the truth when Ashutosh says nothing and stops the car and asks him to get off. Ashutosh says that you are misunderstanding, leave the stubbornness. On the other hand, Mayura tells Ashutosh that he is burying her dreams. She says that she knows that he wants to take her away from Bhopal. Earlier he had tried to do the same, but he came to know about it, so he pretended to be ill.

Meanwhile, She says that she wants to become an established doctor and if she continues to run from one city to another, her dream will never be fulfilled. From the hospital, Omkar receives information that Dr. Dubey has gone to his father. Omkar thinks that if Ashutosh saw her and took Mayura she would get worried and a new problem would arise. Apart from this, we will get to see lots of drama and twists in the next scene.

In the next scene, the episode is disturbed and Ashutosh is seen stopping them. He yells at Omkar to leave. Mayura asks what is going on as she is unaware of all this. The twist in the story comes when Ashutosh grabs Mayura’s one hand, while Omkar grabs Mayura’s other hand. Mayura gets confused. Omkar asks for a chance and requests Mayura to leave and Mayura starts feeling uncomfortable. Ashutosh reveals that Mayura is his daughter, Omkar says that she is my wife. Along with this, the episode ends.


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