The latest episode of Pinjara Khubsurti begins with Omkar as Omkar tells Mayura that you have completely changed me, your love and thoughts have changed me, and Omkar says that I really like you even I never leave you for any reason. Furthermore, he says that I am afraid to tell you the truth, and if I tell you the truth, you will leave me again, which I do not want and I want to live life with you. He sits down and weeps, saying that I was wrong. Please forgive me once. Mayura left me saying that you are a cheater. On the other hand, we see that Omkar catches him and says that if you leave me I will die but Mayura pushes him.

Pinja Khoobsurati Ka
Pinja Khoobsurati Ka

Omkar remembers all his evil deeds in life and runs away from the hospital. Apart from this, he remembers Mayura’sbitter words. On the other side, Shankar calls her and calls her but Omkar starts crying. Shankar asks why he is crying. Omkar says that the pain I am receiving is less than the pain I am giving to Mayura. Shankar asks what you are saying, please say in simple words because I am unable to understand your words. Suddenly the phone is disconnected and Shankar tells Manjari that Omkar needs to be brought home.

Meanwhile, Neil approaches Mayura and asks whom he is looking for. Mayura says that you misunderstand. On the other hand, she asks if her work is finished. Neil says that will be soon. Omkar goes there. Neil suggests him to act like a patient but Onkar says that he does not want to get sick and says that Mayur has seen him in the hospital. Onkar told me that you wanted to open a wing where patients could get free treatment. In the next scene,  he tells her everything and remembers Mayura.

Meanwhile, Akhilesh thinks it would be good to send Neil for inspection. He calls Dadi and Surekha and asks her to go to Bareilly. He says that he will take Mayura to a safe place as soon as he gets a chance. At the end of the episode, Neil wraps a blanket over Mayura and thinks that his uncle is unnecessarily worried, which leads him to their room to talk to them.



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