The latest episode of Pinjara Khubsurti begins with Mayura as Mayura calls Nisha and says that she blames herself for saying such harsh words to Omkar and tells her not to even allow me to apologize. Nisha suggests her and asks her to take a deep breath. Nisha says close your eyes and go and apologize to her. Mayura goes to Omkar’s room with closed eyes and tries to apologize. She opens her eyes and sees that Omkar is not there. He comes from behind and surprises Mayura. Omkar says that he has no need for his regret.

Pinja Khoobsurati Ka
Pinja Khoobsurati Ka

Omkar says that he was not good at first, but someone replaced him. Mayura says that someone must be really important to him because he changed because of that person. Someone changes because either they love or are afraid of someone. Mayura says that Omkar does not look like someone who would be intimidated, so he feels that Omkar is deeply in love with someone.

On the other hand, Manjari gets nervous when Ashwariya informs her that Omkar is in the hospital and scolds her for leaving her alone in the hospital. Ashwariya says that Onkar will go to the village. Manjari says she will not leave. Shankar says that he should visit her in the hospital but Ashwariya refuses him as Omkar did not tell him. Manjari gets angry at Ashwariya.

In the next scene, Mayura talks to a female patient and sees that the female patient is in excruciating pain, so she encourages him that she will get well soon. The patient cries and says that even if he recovers, he will always have these scars. Meanwhile, Omkar comes and says that these marks are his victory. They will always remind him how he fought against death and won against him.

Simultaneously, Omkar also encourages him. Mayura is very impressed by his words. Omkar says that she will be an inspiration to others. He gives the example of a retired army man who is proud of every mark on his body. Mayura smiles at Omkar. Omkar tells him that he is proud of these stains. Along with this, the episode ends.


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