Starplus popular television serial Pinjara Khubsurti Ka is a famous serial and ongoing with huge twists. This is the written update of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka. here all the upcoming information about new incidents is revealed. Without wasting any moment we should move on the Written update of this amazing family serial.

pinjara khubsurati ks

The episode starts with Mayura, Omkar and Manjiri. Where Mayura suddenly find out the identity card of a doctor on the bed. She came into the room and told Omkar that he doesn’t need to worry about her and he should focus on worship preparation.

currently, as we saw Omkar married to Manjiri and he wants to know goodness of her. Because of that, he calls Doctor to find out all the necessary details which he wants to know about Manjiri. She still doesn’t know anything that is happening with her.

Piyush telling about a childhood incident with omkar that He stopped him to swing and yet he rode the swing and he fell ill but Omkar saved him. Suddenly after this incident, Omkar slaps Piyush and all the family members are shocked. He wore Piyush and says I will take to you.

After that, Omkar comes in the room and he sees Mayura sitting on the floor. She told him to get away and when Manjari asks her why she sitting on floor. Mayura also tells Manjiri to stay away. Now, story will take a huge turn in the story and serial became more interesting to watch.

Omkar will tell her about the test report of Manjiri and he will tell her that what’s wrong in the report. Today all the suspense will be revealed and all myths will be cleared. Omkar shouting on Mayura loudly. Mayura tells him that he lost all his respect in the eye of Mayura and in future he never gets back his reputation. Manjiri still did not know anything about the test report and it is yet to be revealed. what will be the reaction of her on this test report and when she will get know about the truth about her testing.


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