The episode starts with Mayura is curious to see Omkar and goes to his room to see if he is alright. Omkar is also thinking about Mayura and thinking about how to confess her everything. At that Mayura comes to his room and sees a wound on his hand. She scolds him that he doesn’t care about himself and offers him to apply ointment. He asked her to apply that for him. She says that she is also planning to join this hospital in the coming days as she is also a doctor. Omkar says I know you are a homeopathy doctor. She got surprised and asks him how does he know that.? He says that doctor Neel told him. Then Neel comes to Omkar’s room and asks Mayura that what is she doing here.?

pinjara khubsurti ka

She says that Omkar got a wound on his hand so she was applying ointment. Neel informs Mayura that her discharge papers are ready now she has to sign them and she can leave the hospital. Mayura says goodbye to Omkar and leaves. Other side Aishwarya is looking for Mayura in her house. Mayura’s mother asks her to leave as Mayura is not here. Mayura’s father says that this is the reason I want to leave this city. He says that if Aishwarya has reached here so Omkar can also come.

Mayura’s mother informs that someone was asking about Mayura from their neighbors. Then Mayura’s father got a call from her sister Megha, she got flu and admitted to the hospital. Omkar is praying to God that he needs a last chance to gain Mayura’s trust. He wants Mayura not to leave. Mayura’s friend informs her that her mother and grandmother have left to see her sister. She got worried and rush to doctor Neel. Doctor Neel confirms that your father wants you to stay in the hospital for some time as they have to go to see her sister.

Mayura goes to see Omkar and says that she is not going and she will stay here for 3-4 days. Then Aishwarya shouts at the nurse and asks her about Omkar. Omkar comes into the corridor and sees Aishwarya. He thinks if she will see Mayura then she will definitely try to harm her. He cannot take risks and he will not let her see Mayura in this hospital. Mayura says that she has already seen Aishwarya. She says she will talk to her that how could she shout at the nurse.

Then Neels comes and asks Aishwarya not to shout here as patients will get disturbed. Aishwarya tries to flirt with Neels but he scolds her. Omkar holds Mayura’s hand and pulls her backward. He shuts her mouth with his hand. Mayura again scolds him for this behavior. He apologizes to her and says that I don’t want anyone to harm you. Aishwarya asks the nurse about her husband. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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