The episode starts with Omkar is admitted to the hospital and Neel is worried about his injuries. He asks the nurse to give him an injection so he can sleep for some time. Neel scolds Mayura why she slapped Omkar. He says that Omkar was unconscious and have multiple injuries on his hand. Mayura says that when he holds her hand she got scared, she tried to push him away but he tried to talk to her forcefully, so she slapped him. Neel says you are a doctor yourself how could you treat someone who is looking for some medical help. It might be possible that he got a panic attack that’s why he held your hand. Mayura feels guilty and wants to apologize to Omkar but Neel says I injected him so he can sleep for some time. Omkar had a major injury on the head so they took a city scan and reports are yet to come.Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

Aishwarya goes to Aayojak’s office to know about Mayura. He refuses to identify Mayura and says he had never seen this girl. Aishwarya asks if Omkar has visited here, he refused. Aishwarya thinks if Omkar didn’t come here then he doesn’t know where Mayura is. Aayojak says don’t give any information about Mayura to this lady. Aayojak visits Mayura’s house and asks her mother about her well being. She says she is in the hospital as she got a panic attack. Mayura sees her father coming to the hospital and asking a nurse about Mayura.

He asks Neel about Omkar, He wants to see him but suddenly Mayura shouts and he runs to see her. Omkar had a dream about Mayura and he suddenly walks up. He insists to meet Mayura. Neel scolds him that he has many injuries so he should rest but Omkar asks him about Mayura. Neels tells him that Mayura survived an accident 3 months ago. He found Mayura and admitted her to his hospital. Since then he is taking care of her and doing his treatment. He says she has lost her memory after this accident. And her family doesn’t want her to return to Indore as this is not good for her.

So they shifted to Bhopal forever. Mayura is worried about Omkar and wants to ask him why he was saying such things. She also feels that she has a connection with Omkar that’s why she is constantly thinking about him. She decides to see Omkar and goes to his room. Omkar decides not to tell Mayura anything which can affect her health. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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