The Episode starts with Mayura is trying to find something in the trunk which can help her to recall her past events. She couldn’t find anything and goes to her mother’s room. She sees that her mother has brought a Jalebi of the letter ‘M’. Mayura writes truth on the wheat grains. Akhilesh says the truth is that your accident was not normal. Mayura asks him to tell her everything. Akhilesh said that someone tried to kidnap you but you tried hard to save yourself but your car fell into a ditch.


Mayura says I can’t remember anything that you have told me. Akhilesh said that it was Omkar who kidnapped you. Mayura says that Omkar cannot do this to her. Akhilesh says this is the only reason that we want you to leave Bhopal. He apologizes to Mayura to hide the truth. Akhilesh goes to the hospital and meets Neil. He asks the nurse about Omkar. The nurse says that he is outside to get some fresh air. Omkar plans a surprise for Mayura.

Mayura is happy to see the decoration. Mayura asks him why he did all this.? She says that we need to talk about the hospital project. He gives her papers and said that he took her number from the receptionist as he wanted her to come here. He gives her Jalebi and says that he knows that she likes it. Mayura says the decoration was not needed. Omkar says that he has done this to make her happy. He kisses her on the cheeks when she eats jalebi.

Mayura feels grateful and says that you made my day Omkar. Omkar says that it’s just a beginning, I want to fulfill all your dreams. He covers her eyes and takes her to another place. When Mayura opens her eyes she sees a board written free clinic with her name. Mayura feels happy but she is a little confused as she is not having any experience. Omkar encourages her and says that her good intentions are enough to start this work. Excited Mayura hugs Omkar.

Then Neil comes to the location and says that he has already installed a tracker in his car to keep an eye on him. Omkar says Neil not to interfere between them. Neil warns Omkar to stay away from her otherwise he will see him in jail. Omkar asks who is he to tell all this. Omkar says that he has changed and loves Mayura. He will not harm her. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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