The episode starts with Omkar is searching for Mayura and seeks help from his brother to find out the list of participants who came to Indore for the competition. His brother says he is not having the office keys so we will have to wait till morning. Omkar wants to gather every important information about her before anything bad happens. Omkar being impatient and tries to find that list on his own.Pinjara Khubsurti ka 18th January 2021 Today's Written Episode: Maurya Shifted To Indore

Another side Mayura’s father decided to leave Bhopal forever because they don’t want Omkar to find Mayura. Mayura asks his father why do they need to leave for Bhopal but she couldn’t convince of their reasons. She has doubts that her family is hiding something. Mayura’s family worries about her that if she gains her memory so she will not be able to handle the situation. All they want is the happiness of Mayura. His father gives the wrong address to Omkar when he was looking for her.

Mayura is still thinking about those flashbacks which make her more curious to know about her life before the accident. Omkar reaches the same address that he received from Mayura’s father. But he came to know that this is not the original address. He got disappointed and thinks about other ways to reach her house. He

Here Mayura is not happy to know that they are going to Indore and trying to find out the reason to suddenly plan to go Indore. She asks her father that something happened in there so they have suddenly decided to go to Indore. But he says we are going for four days for an outing. She asks her mother that their luggage doesn’t look like they are here for four days only.

Omkar succeeded to find Mayura’s accurate address. He asks his friend that he wants to meet her now before it’s too late. He remembers his happy moments with Mayura and all decided to apologize to her for everything that he has done in past. He will convince her to live with him forever. He will do everything to keep her with him, as he cannot live without her.

Omkar reaches Mayura’s house but her house was locked. He asks her neighbor and she confirmed that this morning they left for Indore. Omkar says his friend that we have to leave for Indore before he loses Mayura forever.

Omkar comes face to face with Mayura and hugs her. He expresses his feelings to her. Mayura fails to recognize him and pushes him back. She says who are you and how dare you touch me like this.? Omkar got shocked that how could she forget him. Mayura’s father comes and asks Omkar to stay away from his daughter. Omkar tries to convince her but Mayura’s father warned him that he will call the police if he will again come near to Mayura. Mayura again thinks of some strange feelings towards Omkar. Stay connected to know more about this episode.



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