We are back with the written update of Star Plus serial name Pinjara Khubsurti Ka. The episode starts with Aishwarya says to Omkar that talks to her and see her once. Omkar reaches Bhopal and thinks that he has reached here by mistake and also says that he feels that Mayura is around him. Manjiri says that Mayura takes away my son from me. Omkar arrives at the temple and listens to someone who says that Makar Sankranti festival is about to celebrate in the temple.


Omkar enters the Temple and starts to pray to god. He says to Mata rani that please give her wife back. A lady comes to him and gives him vermillion and says that apply it to your wife. Omkar tells the lady that his wife is left him and now she is missing. That lady tells omkar that take this vermilion bottle and keep this in front of Goddess’s feet. Omkar keeps that vermillion in front of Mata Rani. Omkar starts praying and says to Mata Rani, Please give my Mayura back. And starts crying.

Akhilesh comes into the room and sees that Mayura is missing. He gets worried and finding her. He looks around the house outside. At the temple, heavy winds start. Omkar brings the vermillion from there. But, a girl come in rush and collided with him. Vermillion bottle falls down from Omkar’s hand. Vermillion applied on Mayura’s head who sits behind him. Omkar turns, and see Mayura there. Omkar gets shocked to see her. He came close to her and hold her hands. He recalls the moments which they spend together.

After that, Something falls on Omakar and Mayura gets disappears from there. Omkar screams Mayura’s name. Omkar says that his Mayura is alive, and gets very happy. He comes out from the temple and looks for Mayura. But Nisha takes her away from there. Later, Mayura tells Nisha about the Omkar. Mayura says she saw a guy who knows her. Nisha asks Mayura about the vermillion, which applied in the temple. Nisha says, “Did you marry someone”? Omkar tries to find Mayura and asks people if they see a girl in orange suit. Everyone says no. Omkar prays to god and says don’t separate us. Episode ends. Don’t forget to watch Pinjara Khubsurti ka on Star Plus at 9:30 pm. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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