The latest episode begins with Ms. Dubey coming on stage and fetching the prize. Omkar feels that Mayura’s name is Ms. Dubey. Nisha comes on stage and receives the award from Omkar. Mayura is present with Ashutosh and she takes him away. He recalls seeing Omkar’s poster and says that he is the chief guest. On the other hand, Omkar asks Mayura to come home but Mayura refuses and says first tell me my mistake. Surekha tells him that you come home first. Meanwhile, Ashutosh brings him home and locks him in the room.

pinjara Khubsurati ka

As we all know that the holy festival of Sankranti is being celebrated in the show at this time. Omkar is realizing his love for Mayura. In the latest episode, he will go to the temple to find out Mayura and worship Durga Maa. However, he met Mayura and fil her forehead with Vermillion. On the other hand, Omkar thinks that he came to Bhopal by mistake and thinks he is here. Bali addresses the people of the temple for the Sankranti festival.

He is unable to find Mayura because she left him. He has come to the same city where she lives and however, Omkar has realized Mayura is also here. Finally, to make her wish fulfilled he goes to the temple and prays to god for getting Mayura now, he has come to the stage when he truly loves her but she is not in the swim about this neither her parents know that’s why they are hiding her from him but Mayura’s parents don’t want to reveal that Omkar is also in the same city.

Omkar expresses his love for Mayura by saying You are my destination. Omkar thinks that I cannot lose Mayura again, I have to find him. Nisha tells Mayura that if her father saw her … she will ask her parents to come there. Ashutosh tells that he thinks that Mayura is here and says that if Onkar is present here, I will leave it. Aishwarya feels it would have been better if Omkar and Manjari had also died with Mayura. Omkar continues to search for Mayura and shows him a picture outside the temple. Omkar thinks that this time he cannot lose Mayura as he cannot survive without him. Along with this, the episode ends.


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