The episode starts Mayura’s father tells Mayura that her sister is not well and we have to go to meet her. Mayura says that why we have packet this much stuff. Her father says that we will stay there for some time. Omkar had a bad dream that Mayura is going to leave him forever and he wakes up. He wants to see Mayura and rushes to her room. He finds that door is locked. Then a board boy opens the door. Omkar asks who locked him, he says I don’t know about it. Omkar goes to find Mayura in the room but she is not there.

Pinjara 28th January 2021 Latest Written Episode Update Spoiler Alert Twist

Omkar says that his dream can’t be fulfilled. Where could she go in the early morning? Mayura is asking her father that why he is tensed. She says she will talk to Megha on a video call. Her father refused her to make a call. He says that she is not in a state to talk to her. She says that I haven’t talked to her for a long time as you have said that we are not on talking terms. Now suddenly what happened that we are going to stay with her. She says that you are hiding something which is related to my past.

And I have the right to know about it. He says that there is nothing to hide about. Omkar is asking everyone in the hospital about Mayura. He thinks that Neel must have known about that. Mayura asks the driver to stop the car. She walks out, and her father follows her and asks her to step in the car.Mayura says that first she wants to know that truth. She says she notice everything that you do but she always ignore. She says that you want me to leave Bhopal.

SHe added that she knows it that’s why she intentionally made a plan to stay here. She says that she wants to study here and her only goal is to become a doctor. Mayura asks her father tell her the reason why we first left the Jabalpur and now leaving the Bhopal. She says that she tries to recall her past what she have lost in her memory. She says she will not leave the city until she remembers everything. Mayura says she wants to serve people for free and she got an invester who is Omkar.

His father got shocked by hearing his name. She says now tell me the reason why he is doesn’t want her to fulfill her dream. His father forcefully tries to take ker into the car, Mayura tries to pull off her hand and she falls on the ground. A car suddenly stops near Mayura. Omkar steps out of the car and rushes to see Mayura. Mayura’s father scolds Omkar to stay away from her.He says if yo will try to harm her again then I will kill you.

Omkar holds Mayura’s hand and he says that I want to apologize to Mayura for once. Mayura’s father says that she is his daughter and you don’t have any right on her. Omkar says that Mayura is not only your daughter but she is my wife also. After hearing this Mayura recalls all her memories and falls on the ground. Omkar takes her to his car and asks her father to come along. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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