PICTURES: Who Is Elisha Dicken? Greenwood Indiana Mall Shooter On Facebook: The name, Elisha Dicken has been getting around a lot recently and even you must have heard of this name. If you have not, then let me tell you that it is the name of the man who had stopped a gunman who had started firing at a food court inside a mall. This event has even made him the hero in the eyes of those who were able to witness the event. Follow More Updates On

Elisha Dicken
Elisha Dicken

Who Is Elisha Dicken?

His photos have been getting viral after the shooting incident. The armed man an also a young man named Jonathan Spearman who is only 20 years old. His family was even shocked to hear that he was involved in that shooting as he had never shown up any signs of abnormal behavior or violence. However, he had to die in that event as Elisha had killed him in order to save the others from harm.

It had also taken quite a toll on the mental state of the young hero as well. The police have even asked that we should allow him to recover his mental state from the tragic actions that he had to take in that instant. However, we can share his actions and his information without disturbing him and letting him have his space. Let’s talk a little about the shooting at the mall.

Elisha Dicken: Indiana Mall shooting

The young man who has become a hero for everyone is only 22 years old and he had taken up the initiative to kill the shooter that had fired openly and even killed 3 people there. There has been an ongoing investigation to see the motives of the man who had started shooting at the food court. Now, let’s talk about the man who has become a hero for everyone and has been receiving a lot of praises.

Elisha Dicken Video and Photos

Elisha is a 22-year-old man who had been to the mall with his girlfriend. It was fortunate for the people that he happened to be there otherwise the casualties would have been much more until the authorities made a stop to the shooter reach the place. He had taken up arms and had shot him and ended the chaos. He had started firing back using the gun his girlfriend.

He is now regarded as a hero of the nation who had risked his own life in order to save the lives of many. There are also people that had asked the girl to marry a guy like him. It may even become a reality soon as they have been dating for quite a while and like each other a lot. Let’s hope that the hero can recover from the trauma of killing a person and get back to his life.

You must have seen a lot of heroes in the movies and would have wanted to be like them when you were just a kid. However, there is a young 22-year-old boy who has been getting his name known as a hero for many people he had saved. And yes, we are talking about a real hero, not the one with superpowers but with the power of courage and wit, he was able to turn into a hero for many people. The name of the 22-year-old hero is Elisjsha Dicken and he is living in the town of Seymour. Now, let’s go back a little and look at what transpired that made him the hero she is now. But, before that, his identity was revealed by the Chief of Greenwood Police on Monday.

There was a shooting that had taken place at the food court of the Greenwood Park Mall. The man with the gun had started firing at the food court on Sunday at around 6 in the evening. He was there with his girlfriend when the shooting was happening at the food court. Within two minutes of shooting, he was able to stop the armed man. The shooter had run away and escaped to the restroom when he fell to the ground.

The shooter was able to make a total of 5 victims of which 3 were killed and 2 were injured. There could have been more casualties had the young man not risen up to the occasion. The place of the shooting was the Indiana Greenwood Park Mall, where Elisjha was hailed as a hero. The identity of the shooter has also been identified by Police and they have even shared it on Facebook. The statement was also published by Mayor Mark W. Myers, and it identified the shooter as Jonathan Spearman. He was shot and killed on the spot by the brave young hero.

Even though it all happened in an instant, the shooter Jonathan was also killed. But, one thing to note is that he had never shown signs of any sort of violence ever before. It was confirmed by the family’s statement and the past records. It was shocking for the family to hear about this attack. When police were investigating their house of Jonathan, they found a charred laptop in the oven and his phone was in the restroom of the mall.


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