What Happened To Pete Arredondo Trump? Crowd Cheers as Uvalde City Council Denies: We will be talking about the man named Pedro Pete Arredondo, who is the chief of police of the Uvalde school district. He is facing the heat for the lazy response of the and issues with poor handling of the law enforcement. This came forward after the shooting that happened last week at Robb Elementary School in the city of Texas. It was reported that there was a loss of about 19 children and 2 teachers were among them. The shooting is alleged to be the act of a young man who was armed and named Salvador Ramos. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Pete Arredondo Trump

Who Is Pete Arredondo Trump?

The police chief also did not respond to the request for an interview by a media channel. He also did not respond to the questions that were put up by the press as he denied answering all of them. The question was about the investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). But when he was asked outside his home he had answered that he is in touch with DPS at all times. He denied revealing any further information related to the investigation on the matter at hand.

The reason for not revealing was given by him to be the privacy of the family. He said once all the activities related to the funeral are done and the family is no longer grieving for the past then the chief will reveal the information. The first proper statement was given by him later on where he said that the gunman was dead on the day of the attack and that there has been a further investigation going on to uncover the reason for the shooting. He hasn’t appeared since that statement. It appears to be that he has been working on the investigation.

What Happened To Pete Arredondo Trump?

The attack that happened on Tuesday was a very tragic event that led to the death of many children and teachers. The cause for the commotion has been that the police took a very long time just to open two locked doors and confront the armed person. The police chief also happened to be there and was identified by the DPS as their commander.

But, he stood back and didn’t enter the room and waited for support while there was shooting going on in the classroom. There were also many calls made by the children inside the room, as they desperately were trying to call 911 asking for help from the police authorities.

Eventually, the team of Customs and Border Protection that was their tactical team entered the room and shot the suspected gunman. The DPS chief also criticized the decision of the chief although he didn’t specifically name him. More information will be revealed later on as the official investigation continues.


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