Here we are sharing shocking news with you, that Pennsylvania dad Eric King and his two sons died after Christmas. This news is very shocking and sad. Their family is in shock and they are facing a very tough time. This situation is very difficult for them. His wife is in shock, that she has lost her beautiful family. They were very happy but this incident is like a storm in their life.

They were celebrating Christmas, But who knows this incident will happen with them. Here we will give you all the information, how this incident happened with them, and other information about the incident.

Pennsylvania dad Eric King and his two sons were killed in their own house after their Christmas tree lighting sparked a fire that took down the house suddenly. Fortunately, his wife Kristin and 13 years old son Bryan was able to leave the house just at right time. They were admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Let us tell you that the national fire protection Association’s website confirmed that between 2015 to 2019, The US Department of the fire responded to a data 160 home fires that started with Christmas trees per year. These incidents of fires caused and around 2 death, 12 injuries, and $10 million in direct property damage annually.

As we know people decorate their house with light and decorate the tree with lots of lights as well. Kings family also decorated the house with lights. We know then what happened with them. Nearly one in four Christmas tree fires were started by decorative lights, just like in the case of the Kings’ house being damaged. NFPA further states, these things mostly happened on this day.

As we know the sources of heat or fire Such as candles or other equipment, were near to the tree. One in five Christmas fires were intentional. We have seen that’s all incidents common in January. Roughly three-quarters of Christmas tree fires appeared in December or January. As we know what happened with the family, they were just celebrating Christmas. They didn’t think about this, that will happen to them. We should learn from this incident, that we should be careful.

However this time is very difficult for his wife, she will have to take care of her son without a husband and she will have to be strong for her son, She has lost her entire family and she broke due to this incident. God gave peace to their soul and power to the woman for being strong.


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