People are following the thriller more nowadays and it has become more trending. Amazon Prime is trying to capture the audience base by releasing such a terrific series one by one. In the new film Penguin whose Teaser has been launched on the official platform, we will see Keerthy Suresh struggling hard to find his kidnapped son. Once you watch the trailer, you will not be able to resist yourself from wanting to watch the movie as soon as possible.

Amazon Prime Penguin Movie Will Be Out On June 19

If you have not watched the Penguin Trailer till now, then watch it right now to experience the new mystery which will bring goosebumps on your hands.

Keerthy Suresh is the protagonist who is pregnant and tries hard to find his son and protect from the serial kidnapper and murderer. Interestingly this time the serial killer is seen wearing a Charlie Chaplin mask. He preys on children and seen doing some gross things in the woods. All this is explained in the trailer. Overall after seeing the trailer, we are also excited to see the movie and uncover the thrill and mystery of this new serial killer.

In the starting of Penguin Trailer, we get to know that Keerthy’s son has been kidnapped and may have died but a mother is so sure that her son is still alive so she starts solving the mystery. Here twist comes where that same son is seen walking away with the killer. She tries hard to reach his son and meanwhile, she uncovers the hard facts about the serial killer.

Every time we see the killer he had this Charlie Chaplin mask and carried a yellow umbrella. She fearlessly crosses the limit to find her son. It appears that the kidnapper is a psychopath and convinces the child to go with him. Also, he is a monster, seen cutting some weird things with a butcher knife.

Penguin directed and written by Eshavar Karthic. He directed the first movie of his career. It was scheduled to release on the big screen but because of the lockdown and current pandemic scene, the producers decided to release it on Amazon Prime.



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