Pelajar Upm Meninggal: UPM Final Year Student Found Dead In Room: Last night a piece of shocking news came to us that wrenched our hearts and left us stunned. According to the reports, a final year student of Putra Malaysia University was found dead in a room. Moreover, the final year student was alone when he was found dead in his room. Who reported this to the police? According to the report shared by Serdang District Police, a male student made a call to inform the police the same as he noticed a smell coming out of his room. After getting informed about the final year student’s death police immediately dispatched a unit of investigators and respective authorities to the scene. Here you will get more details about this shocking news. Kindly take a peek below to get more about this headline. Follow More Updates On

Pelajar Upm Meninggal

Pelajar Upm Meninggal

This news is sending shocking waves to the people of Malaysia as this case featured several foul plays. The death of the final year student of Putra Malaysia University is not seeming suicide attempt. The officers of Serdang District Police have found several suspicious activities and foul plays. Cheif of Serdang District Police named AA Anbalagan reported, “We received an emergency call at 7:45 PM about the discovery of the corpse of a male student of Putra Malaysia University.” After doing a preliminary investigation the police officer found some suspicious activities. Let’s take a look at them in the further section.

The chief of Serdang District Police also said that during the preliminary investigation the police found that a friend of the victim had visited the victim’s room around 4:30 PM. The victim’s friend visited his room as the victim was not seen him for a long period before he smelled a strange smell coming out of his friend’s room. After this victim’s friend called other fellows and they tried to open the door with a duplicate key.

After opening the door they saw that the victim was lying shirtless on the floor and his long pants were lying next to him on the floor. According to the source, the victim’s age was 29 years when he was reported dead. According to the victim’s friends, he was clearly seen and noticed two days back from his death. Police officers have seized the victim’s laptop, mobile, and other valuable objects from his room. The investigation will soon reveal what is the medical cause of death of the 29-year-old final-year student.


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