Pavitra Bhagya is becoming so popular day by day and we are noticing the high TRP of this serial. The audience loves this new drama and we keep you updated with all the latest Pavitra Bhagya updates. The last episode showed that Reyansh and Pranati go to a party and then Dadi brings Reyansh. Dadi tells him that they need to crack this deal. Malika’s dad comes and talks to Daljeet. He says that deal will be on only if Reyansh will stay away from Malika. Daljeet says definitely this deal will be fulfilled.

Pavitra Bhagya Written Updates 23 July 2020

In Pavitra Bhagya written updates 23 July 2020, sameer comes there and greets Malika’s dad. He asks him to eat something. He introduces Daljeet to Sameer. Daljeet asks why you did not give any contract to us. He asks Daljeet to see how sensible Sameer is and Reyansh is not sensible that’s why. Daljeet asks his grandson not to see any girl.

  • Pavitra Bhagya Timings: 10:00 PM
  • Channel: Colors TV

The audience loves to see Pranati and Reyansh together and we keep you updated with Pavitra Bhagya written episode updates. Daljeet asks Vishambar to touch his feet as she is old in age and as well as in business. Dadi says I cannot sell my grandson for money. Vishambar says you can sell your whole family for money. Reyansh and Pranati were in the party and she asks he can enjoy this boring party too. Reyansh tells her that he can enjoy any party where chicks are present who are hot and sexy unlike her. Pranati says I know you very well.

Malika comes there and asks Reyansh to dance with her for old time’s sake. Reyash remembers what the deal was. Malika’s dad says that he should allow her daughter and son in law to dance and enjoy the party. Reyansh dances with Pranati in a bad way and Pranati asks what happened. Arman meets on girl and that she is so into him. For Pavitra Bhagya 23 July 2020 written updates, stay tuned with us.


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