In the last episode of Pavitra Bhagya we see that Archit comes there and talks to Pranati. Pranati and Reyansh listen. Archit was there requesting her to come with him. He says why you did this. Pranati says I do not owe you any explanation so she asks him to leave. Archit becomes sad and asks why you are choosing Reyansh over me as you never liked him. Then suddenly Archit’s sister comes over and asks what happened. She starts yelling at Pranati. She tells you that you are not a good human and you do not deserve to be with my brother.

Pavitra Bhagya Written Updates 22 July 2020

In Pavitra Bhagya 22 July 2020 written updates, the episode starts when Archit stops her sister from yelling at Pranati. His sister starts blaming Pranati to be a bad human and she cannot become a good mother in her life ever. Then Pranati listens to it and starts crying. She blames Pranati to be with Reyansh for his money and nothing else. She says that Reyansh has been with every girl in the city and now you are a gold digger. Then Reyansh comes in front of her and then says that I know she is not sexy, smart but there is one thing which I can definitely tell about her.

He says that she is definitely not a gold digger and tells that he was not able to marry her as he cannot defend her. Reyansh comes there where Pranati was crying. He says that do not be sad. Jugnu did something and her principal calls her mom. The principal tells that Jugnu exploded crackers in her room. Reyansh starts laughing and the principal stares him. Jugnu and Reyansh go outside. He says well done you did a great entry in the school. Pavitra Bhagya written updates are becoming interesting day by day.

Jugnu comes home and then she sees Dadi was planning against Jugnu. She says that Jugnu can make Principal worry then what she can do with us. Dadi asks Reyansh to take Pranati to the Pranati. For Pavitra Bhagya written updates 22 July 2020 and spoilers stay tuned with us.


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