The serial “Pavitra Bhagya” show of Hindi drama serial, in today’s shows the episode begins with the Jugnu. Pranit enters his room. Are you upstairs new maa? Pranati shares that she also has done the homework like her. Jugnu says that he is doing that work to clear the exams. But why you do this? Pranit says that he wants to win the proposal for the school project. I  can’t fail in this project competition. Can you help me with this project? we are thinking for the student’s new innovation ideas. Jugnu said that he knows that how a school should be. Now it is so boring.

pavitra bhagya wu

Students do not have to know that there is something taught. Only I can go there. My present school is so boring and they don’t think about me. Now I going to the left. The Pranati turns his face and said that stop doing overacting and complete your homework. Jugnu calls the Pakaau and on her way out. So what you want, the way you get my thoughts? Pranati smiles.

Then Vardhan congrats to Pranati for the idea and the timing. I have one friend who wany this type of study planning. And he will love your opinions. He knows how the knows him. I will not give a single chance to earn the money. The market has so many ideas but it only needs such as an innovative idea. She tells him that she already has interested in his thinking.

I am going to pitch them only. They agree with them. She is ready on the way. He boards the bus at the exact time. Now you hurt yourself, She Thanks Him Awkwardly And Leaves. Vardhan got attracted to her. Jugnu, Armaan, and Riya take Ganpati Ji at home. Riya said that today Prabha and Reyansh brother will do all things. Mallika and Dadi look like an upset. Dadi said yes just because of the Riya.

He asking him to step forward. Reyansh and Pranati look at each other. Reyansh takes the Jugnu with him. Mallika ask the Riya that is she mad? Why are you giver your rights just because of the Pranati? He did not brief all these things. Riya tells him that she doesn’t want one more misunderstanding between her and Pranti. After a long time, the things are in control. Then the Reyansh, Jugnu, and Pranati start worship of the Ganpati Ji. For more updating episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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