Pavitra Bhagya 07 October Written update is here. Do you want to know every incident of today’s upcoming episode of this Tv serial? So you are in the accurate place, here you will get all the information related upcoming episode of this serial. This is a conventional Tv serial which was previously telecasted on Colors but due to some issues currently, it is telecast on the online platform. But as you know, story of this serial is really interesting and filled with suspense. Stay tuned in this article we will tell you that about unexpected incidents which built difficulties for Preeta and Karan.

Post Vaishnavi's replacement, these two actors to enter Colors Pavitra  Bhagya - Telly Updates

Pawan Come in the room. Prithvi was unconscious. He smiles that Bhai looks so handsome. He ties Janki’s hand so they both can run away easily. Maira wishes Karan realizes his true face and to save Preeta. She prays that Shrishti comes here, They need to take Preeta. She cries and prays for the safety of Preeta.

Karan search Preeta. Maira comes from behind and says that she has worn the dress and apply sindoor of Preeta and act as his wife in the party. Because she doesn’t want that Karan’s family will feel sad. She told Karan that Preeta leaves his family and him. He tells her to stop this topic and forget all the things. Karan going angry and says Preeta does not leave house stay away from this. She tells that she always want to protect the reputation of his family. Karan says he could protect his family and did not want the help from anyone.

As we know Maira wants to marry Karan and she tried every possible step to attract him. Due to this reason, she plans for something new and doesn’t give up anymore. In the room, Sherlyn Pours Maira wine So that she forgets her pain. She complains that He never recognize Maira as his wife. She cries so much and tries to wins Karan’s heart.

Karan walks downstairs and thinking about Maira’s fake letter and other incidents. he grabs a drink from a waiter and gulps it down. Sarla asks him about Preeta but he replies none and walks to Rishabh. He tells Karan that to stay with him till the party end. Sherlin comes from behind Maira and grabs a drink and every one spot her gulp the drink down.


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