Here in this blog, we are written about the “Pavitra Bhagya”. Today’s show begins with the Praneeti repeat the Dadi words to Reyansh. He confirms that his house is inauspicious. She asks him that something happens is here. What happens Reyansh? I never see you here and before this, you are no, behave negatively for them. Please tell me everything. You always irritate all the peoples but I like that you always bring a smile to everyone’s face. This is your talent, he helps her to open the window. He asks her if she is cheering him. 

Pavitra Bhagya 5th October 2020 Written Review Update - TellyReviews

Today’s daughter enters this house. Children are Auspicious and that is why this will happen. Don’t call this auspicious that it is inauspicious. Reyansh that is happens just because of the time. Are you alright? I can give you a chance. In this auspicious, my and my mother’s emotions and memories are joined. Just because of my daughter I will give you one more chance to this house. Every 3 is to stay with us. They keep smiling and also give justification. Riya is doing the dusting in her room and then Armaan comes into the room.

I unpacked everything. He asks her that what we should happen. He said that I Love you Too her. He also repeats her words. He tries to talk some little talk but deny to irritate her. Jugnu looks outside from the door. Armaan asks from the Riya that there his 60 pairs of shoes. Everyday Jugnu wears the new pair of shoes in front of the Armaan that he is hit. He tries to show himself best but aunty is doing very hard work, please help her. Armaan deny to help her. I wearing a limited edition shirt. I don’t do that. Jugnu tries to remember them that they have two servants.

Then suddenly he gets offensive and said that I am used to taking off my things. It is better that you have to do your own work. He is demanding on them otherwise what will happen. He started rubbing with the duster on his shirt. How will solve all the things. He runs away from there and Armaan makes faces. Reyansh comes into Dadi’s room. And said how was your name. Dadi said that this room is really the same as this room. Reyansh said that is a good thing. For more information keep watching the show and stay connect with updating written episodes and stay safe!



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