do you know what is going to happen in your favorite serial Pavitra Bhagya? Here we bring a written update of the ming episode of this serial. Which gone be telecast on its channel. The suspense of the serial is continuously rising due to interest in the story became strong day by day. We will disclose all the upcoming scenes and story which definitely filled you full of excitement. The episode will go on the fire with lots of emotional scenes don’t try to miss any line.

pavitra bhagya written update

30 September episode starts with Dadi and Reyansh who see the Jugnu with shock because Jugnu burns the Family Portrait. Reyansh pulls it out and saved the portrait. He asks Jugnu why you want to do it, You would have hurt yourself. Just Pranati came in the room and with shocking eyes, she asks something happened here? She runs toward Jugnu and check her and ask her, Why are you crying? Did something happen? Pranati looks at Reyansh. jugnu asks Archit What he is doing here. why was Nayi Ma with you? Pranati shouts at her and tell her to talk with respect. Your Nayi Ma needs friend in every two minutes. you both will explain it clearly. The story takes a turn from that moment.

Pranati in the temple. I did lots of mistakes. I got pregnant at 18 and chose to bring my daughter into this world. I never think about my parents at least once. Maybe I was wrong. I still not understand my daughter too. I took her to this house without even asking her. I forced all these relations on her without asking what she wants from me. I love my daughter so much But I don’t know why I always hurt her Knowingly or unknowingly?

She cries thinking about all incidents. she asks jugnu why did not you sleep yet? jugnu says how can i sleep when you are crying here. Should i say something? you won’t tell me that I don’t look good while i crying. Jugnu says, No you look like an apple because due to crying your eyes and face turns red. As Bandar papa said you crying in every 2 minutes. So, you really look good instead while crying also. Pranati Hugs her and thanks to Mata rani to give such a beautiful daughter in her life.


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