Pavitra Bhagya is the serial of the color channel which is one of the oldest and daily soap channels in Hindi television. The serial was started on 2 March 2020. In this article we will discuss the written update of today’s episode of this serial. This serial has gained many fan following in a very few time. Continue your reading to know the starring, Timing and Upcoming story of today’s episode which is telecast at 9 pm on colors.

Pavitra Bhagya Lovely Moment


Maan tells to stop all the allegations on him due to Navya. Maan says it all started because of you only. Both of them come close to fight but Dadi pushes them away from each other. Then she warns maan to close the matter of navya as. She also tells maan that these girls are not suitable according to the society. Along with she also tells that if her BP shoots up! it would be not good for Maan.

Pranati talks to her mother on the mobile phone. At the same time, Reyansh walking from there and stops to overhear her convo. Pranati tells her mother how the laddoo made by her is so special on her birthday and through listening this Reyansh think How could I forget her birthday? he decided to do something special as it her birthday.

Dadi is thinking everyone in the house is talking in Pranati’s side. I must do something to save my children. Earlier there was Reyansh’s mother and this time her daughter. I need to stop all these things. Everyone should dance on my rules. This is my house and Pranati has to doomed by me! She gulps the last sip of alcohol and through the glass with anger on the floor.

When jugnu coloring coins when reyansh enters. Both start joking on others what they are doing. He looked and said it would be good for tomorrow’s party. She asks him which it is. Reyansh replied that it’s you nayi maa’s Birthday party. She says I used to eat leftover cakes at the orphanage and I never ate a fresh cake on my birthday. He tells her that they will celebrate this birthday but she will need to be quite and support him in the prep of this party.

Armaan tells maan to keep his voice low. Don’t forget that I am your elder brother. Pranati walks from there and asked them why they fighting. Jugnu and Reyansh are standing in the corridor and laugh at her. Maan asked Navya that is she fine. She assures him about it. She calls Pranati Bhabhi. Maan Says she is my Bhabhi but I called her Pranati too. After that, all Pranati leaves them.

Dadi comes to her room and finds Jugnu making something using a broom. She said what are you doing with it? Jugnu says this includes match sticks too. Dadi asks her what is her intention. Jugnu ask her for help, She said but what can I do? after that they both work on this craft.

The next morning When Pranati teaches her don’ts and do’s but she continuously staring on to Pranati. Pranati tells her to not fight today. when she asked why so special for today suddenly Reyansh come s in the room. and also asked what so special today? after some conversation Reyansh has said let’s go or we get late for your school.


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