In this blog, we are talking about the show “Pavitra Bhagya”. In today’s show episode begins with Vardhan ask from the Reyansh did you kill your brother because of your lover. You are our blood but who are they? Please say something. Is she is your love, wife, or mistress?  Reyansh again wants to hit them but Paranti stops him. Vardhan said to walk forward and said if he wants then he will hit him. Firstly give me a question-answer. Who is she to you? Do you kill your elder brother just because of that girl? Pranati and reyansh look at each other in an emotional situation.

Pavitra Bhagya 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Latest Updates Today Spoiler

Reyansh said that he is wrong at that time. And he knows that because of his one mistake someone’s life will be ruined. She still tolerates all taunts and insulting because of him. I was a coward but now whatever I did I will stand for those things. Whatever he did he can’t take the responsibility for that mistake He said that he thinks whatever he did because of this her whole life has to tolerate and face insulting. He is wrong! Paraniti gets emotional. Reyansh again accepts that he is wrong. Vardhan asks from them that are you making a film? Stop this argument.

How the outsider will stay in this house. In this house the maximum people living together. How can we stop ourselves? You only can’t have right on her. He throws something on Vardhan but he immerses. Reyansh gets angry and his collar, they argue with each other all the time. Dadi and Armaan come downstairs. She said to the boys to stop the Reyansh and hold him. Maan holds the Reyansh whereas Armaan tries to hold the Vardhan. Dadi shouts and said that she goes far from each other otherwise she will slap both of them. What is going on here?

Reyansh tells them that Pranati doesn’t say lie. Vardhan tries to tease her. Dadi asks from him are you trust that girl now and kill his own brother. Reyansh said that he is saying a lie. We only said the abuse but still, we are listening to the taunt. Wasn’t not okay that a baby of this house tries to tease her? Till when she will be keeping quite? She asks from the vardhan that Reyash is saying the truth or not. Vardhan down his head. Dadi goes and slap on his face and said that she will not happen all these things in her home. for more written updating episode stay tuned with us.



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