In the previous episode of Colors TV popular show Pavitra Bhagya, Pranati receives a call from drunk Archit. He’s call takes her into flashbacks of their breakup. Pranati and Reyansh relive their college memories. Later, Pranati goes in Jugnu’s room where finds her sleeping. She moves forward to apply lotion on Jugnu’s hands but she wakes up. Jugnu tells Pranati to go into her room. Reyansh receives a call from Mallika. Reyansh and Pranati have a word. That’s not all as Pranati also has an encounter with Anisha, who says that she has no interest in getting involve in the house matters as she has no relation with anyone. Pranati tries to figure out what had happened with Reyansh’s mother and why she committed suicide.

Pavitra Bhagya

In the latest episode of Colors TV Pavitra Bhagya 21st July 2020, fans will see Jugnu presented in school. Today’s episode of the drama show is going to be very special as while walking in the school corridor Jugnu will feel that someone is following her. It will make her feel worried. She will be seeing looking into an empty room, asking who’s there and who’s following her. She will find out that no one is there in that room. The little girl will keep wondering about the same.

On the other hand, Reyansh will be seen talking to Jugnu while a mysterious woman with mask on her face will say that my eyes are only on you and now just wait and watch what I’m going to do with you. You can watch all episodes of the show on Voot app. Talking about Pavitra Bahgya’s story so far, Pranati searched Jugnu in the entire house to send her school while Jugnu was hiding in Reyansh’s grandmother’s room. Elsewhere, Reyansh and Pranati both took Jugnu to the school. Pranati went to the book store with Reyansh. She met Archit at the book store but the two couldn’t talk properly. Who is that mysterious woman? And what she want from Jugnu and Reyansh? To find out, stay tuned with us and read ZEE TV Pavitra Bhagya Written Updates.


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