In “Pavitra Bhagya” today’s episode begins with Pranati said to Vardhan that do not lie to anyone. She just slaps him but Reyansh holds her hand. And said what are you doing? Did you think about saying anything in front of peoples? This is the biggest blame. Dadi said why are you asking. She is saving herself and make Vardhan scapegoat in front of us. You have to be ashamed. Ganapati Bappa is here still you telling lie with us! Pranati dissolution. And said that she gives the presentation in this hotel. Archit said that you meet with the investor in the hotel.

Pavitra Bhagya written episode

How can Vardhan come in a photograph? Dadi said that his own lover saying this that he went hotel to met with an investor. At this age what I will see. She starts their emotional drama and starts to insulting Pranati. You are blaming family members. Pranati sees Reyansh and then Archit. Archit said that you misunderstand me. I don’t say that Pranati saying lie. Perhaps I don’t know about the truth. I know him for a very long time. This is true if she is saying this. Vardhan said him to keep quiet. Now you will vouch for her? Whatever you said her answer is yes because you are her lover.

He is trying to deceive us. Reyansh said to stop them, it is not acceptable. Vardhan denies and said I don’t do anything wrong. Did Archit is not his lover? they are not getting married to each other? The ladies start gossiping for them. Achit said to stop them. Without know the truth you do not blame on them. The ladies don’t budge from there. This is all the planning to trap the girl and her lover Vardhan. Reyansh and Praniti looking each other continue. Pranati said that she is not laying I am mad. This was the Vardhan who is in a hotel room.

If you are not trusting me then in the same hotel and see. He is there with some unknown man. I was said that you should have to do legally and then Vardhan said to give the presentation. After all this, they hold me some other place. Dadi said that they don’t do anything like this. I will not want to blame on my son in law. Riya tries to stop him but Ddi sid to go one side. He blaming on my son in law and every ladies start making the videos. For more written updates stay connect with us and stay safe!


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