“Pavitra Bhagya” is a Hindi drama show which is airs on colors channel the upcoming episode begins with Reyaansh looking the Praniti when she is sleeping. He said that they know that what is the relationship with Archit. But they can’t accept this relationship. He said that the world calls him several names and now he feels that whatever he thinks is so wrong. He cleans her eyes and then holds her hand.

Reyansh said that what they don’t do because of him. He left his own marriage, he fights with him and even then he decided to stay with the Khurana family because of his daughter. She said that she is not a week person but she is so brave and strong. He said that he can’t understand why he impresses to see her with Archit. He said that he why he can’t see them together and why he gets affected to see them.

He said that he knows she needs to live with Archit and she is doing. Reyansh said that he can’t do this. He said that you don’t have the right to present as so innocent that everyone blames you. He accepting that this is wrong that he is angry seeing her in love with Archit. He knows that he wants to live him alone but he can’t do this. He asks how can he do this. He said to her to wake up. He remembers all the moments together which is very precious moments. And he is taking care of her.

Armaan finds that Maan lost in images and asks what happens. He tries to drink his bear but he denies having the drink. Armaan tries nad forcing him to know the truth but he is failing in his plan. Armaan asks what is the main problem of him. Armaan asks what is the problem of them. Maan said that they know the main problem but he doesn’t want to talk on this matter. Arman said to him to talk outside and Maan said Navya. Armaan remembers the Navya.

Armaan said that before the marriage Navya had a fair. He said she abort the baby with his concert. Maan sai only with him. Armaan gets angry and asks than now what you won’t do? He asks that can we ask the truth from the Riya. Maan gives the challenge to them and Armaan accepts this challenge. For more updating written episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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