Today’s episode of ” Pavitra Bhagya” starts with the whole family of Khurana watching the TV news. Vardhan comes back at home. Dadi looks at the Reyansh in unbelief. What is he doing here? Vardhan shows anger. I am seeing only one thing on TV. Riya still in an unbelievable moment. Mallika said that we don’t know always about the feelings and what is going on in her/his mind. Vardhan said that we can see here the truth. Dadi talks against the Praniti. Dadi said that everyone saw on this matter. Vardhan said that is the reason behind this, and there should be a story.

Pavitra Bhagya Lovely Moment

We should know about the man behind this. Who has guards that give the name of Khurana? Dadi says that why Reyansh goes after her, I will not leave him alone. The recent occurrence imitations in Reyansh’s mind. Jugnu is in shocked that everyone is missing one by one. This is not a good thing and it will be dangerous in the future. Mom and Dad promise to me that they will go with me. No one gives me the importance of my time. Riya said to help him till Papa will not come back. He said to the Pandit Ji to give the lots of blessings to Jugnu. Pandit Ji makes the blessing for Jugnu. He gives the prasad to her and her family.

Reyansh comes at home with reyansh. Maan runs to set something. Everyone saw the Reyansh holding Pranati. Then Riya takes Jugnu inside the room. Choose the sweets for your friend whatever you want to give to your friend. Jugnu said that he hears about the family that in their family everyone has a sugan and BP problem. I will takeaways everything with my self. Pranati notices the Jugnu but Riya takes him inside. Reyansh gives comfort on the couch.

Kesar sprays the water on them but still, that is waste. She said to take Reyansh with themself inside the home. Maan and his friends took the couch outside the Reyansh way. Dadi stops. Mallika shows a smile. Dadi tells him that this girl can’t live in this home. I will not give permission for this type of girl.

Mallika asks from him that what he said. She thinks that Reyansh and Pranati love each other. Dadi says that love is a different thing but this girl is characterless. She said that in her whole life she gains respect and now she doesn’t want to let down. For more information keep watching “Pavitra Bhagya” on colors at 10:30 Pm and anytime on Voot, For more written updates follow our site and stay safe!


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