Here we are about to talk about one of the famous and well-known shows, the name is Pavitra Bhagya, we would like to tell you that it is one of the best shows ever started the number of people watch this show and this is getting high TRP. people are loving this show and you can see this show and here is the different story you would get to see, different love stories hence people are liking this show a lot, here you can know the latest update related to this show.

Pavitra Bhagya 1 September 2020 Written Updates Latest News Spoiler & Twist

In this episode you will get to see, Prantri tries to end the call because she doesn’t want to carry on the conversation but Archit carries the conversation on says I’m sure you must have cried a lot today, it was a tough day for you,  but don’t worry Navya and I with you, we will support you at every moment, and please let me know if you need anything. She thanks him, you haven’t met jugnu yet properly.  Introduce me to her then Pranati turns her phone camera to her but he Archit found him sleeping, then Prnatri said now you should relax and end the call,  it is too late already.

Reyensh is drinking and still, the proximity is affecting him between Paranati and Archit, he says I know all of your moves, he is your ex after all. So it won’t take much time to fall in love again, he thinks how much things have changed all of sudden. you should not come between a mother and a daughter, there is an interesting story between a mother’s love and daughter. and daughter is a side angel, then he thinks of Dadi’s words, says the mother who does not know caring her daughter she has no right to stay with Jugnu, she will stay with me. The time has come to throw Pranati out of Jugnu’s life. Then I will be able to leave with peace.

The next morning, when Reyansh is playing a video game the Jugnu comes here and he asks her would you like to play. And she says I don’t want to go to school at all. He pays no attention to this means he doesn’t mind it, and he asks her why are you seeming sad? She says there is a louse in my head in my hair, and they are irritating me, then he offers her to clean her head, and here the beautiful scene created, as Dadi used to Him

There are more beautiful scenes in this episode, that water ill makes you feel better and emotional. Reyansh and Jugnu create one of the best scenes ever, people are excited to know what is going to happen, there should be some suspense, so do not forget to watch this episode. Do watch it and give your love as always. Follow our page more updates like this and stay connected with us.


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