In this article, you will get to know about another popular daily soap of Colors TV. And in the episode of 4th Sep you will watch Reyansh and Praniti look at each other, Jugnu gets up and walks away but they continue to look at each other. Jugnu asks Bander Papa if he won’t take revenge from the new mother “Nyi Maa”. Reyansh smirks at Praniti. She hides behind everyone one by one. They get drenched in the process but she manages to run away. He finds that she is hiding behind a pillar. He chases her around the house as she is running around that house. Finally, she reaches a dead end of her running, this time he just blocks her way and not let her go and she thinks that now she has to stop. Then a cozy moment starts.

pavitr bhagya

Suddenly Pranati throws a water balloon on his head then Jugnu spread some flowers on them to make the moment more romantic and they start to fight with each other with those flowers petal.  In the house, all the youngsters are dancing now because they all are enjoying the engagement. Reyansh lifts Jugnu while dancing. Vardhan watching them form upstairs his eyes are fixed on Praniti. There is something about her that is missing in her. Reyansh notices that Archit’s upcoming call, but she says I could not hear it because of noise. He thinks why is he calling at this time, there are plenty more things to know.

Rayansh asks Maan if Navya is not well. Maan is clueless. Reyansh asks Maan how he does not know this. Pranati asks him that why Maan would know. Maan shares that he was taking care of Navya on Reyansh’s askance. He says that he was with her because she told me to look after her. No doubt that the show is having an interesting concept and hence this is going to be a hot potato with its daily episode and blowing everyone’s mind.

This upcoming show is going to be more interesting this time because there are some scenes which are so good, you should watch this episode with some twist. Here the Jugnu when he tries to say something but Reyansh stopped he says to let her go. many fo the people are waiting for this show, as we know this show is getting high TRP. To know more about the episode you can watch today’s episode and to know further about further episodes come again we will let you know everything till then stay tuned with us…


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