Social media is the biggest and spreading network in the world where millions of videos and pictures circulating over the Internet. Some people have been going famous for their videos while some are becoming a trend over the Internet because of their videos or anything else. Recently, a video is attracting thousands of people across the world and the video is surfing on the Internet. According to the sources, the video began circulating on the Internet on Monday, July 19, and in just a few hours, the identity has been found of the videos. It put the name of MEP Paulo Rangel which has been become a topic on Twitter including other social media accounts.

paulo rangel video

Drunk Paulo Rangel Video

Well, the video is telling everything about the moment but it is still unidentified that who recorded this but photos and videos is sharing that a drunken figure is walking on the streets of Brussels, Belgium, and maybe, the man is going to his home. After a video leaked by an unknown identity on the Internet, the video took lots of attention from netizens and shared thousands of people over the Internet. When the video went viral, a new wave of condemnation from the user has taken a pump on social media.

Many people talked about the video but for example, the Political Commentator Daniel Oliveira is one of them who talked and criticized the viral video. “The video of Paulo Rangel described two things- a person who is having fun with his own moments and not disturbing anyone and there are the existence of the fake or fraudsters in the sphere of political life”. The message was officially shared by him on his Twitter account.

On the other side, another member of the political committee, Fabian Figueiredo claimed that it was a disrespectful act that deserves nothing aspect a strong censure”. Without your permission, no one can capture your pictures. So, everything separated me from the MEF practically. While, the member of MEP Nuno Melo was defending the Paulo Rangel and said that the release video was showing the worst part of politics and also, the nature of humans.

Reaction Over The Video on Internet

When the video went viral over the Internet, many viewers got attention and starting to search behind this video and how did it happen? The post was shared on its official platform and some are claiming that the video was recorded some years ago when Paulo Rangel was going home after having dinner with his friends. He said,” the video was recorded a few years ago when I was going home after having dinner with friends and I didn’t remember who filmed this, saved it, and now, released at this time”.

Later, the video was shared by many peoples and some were claiming lots of things on the videos. Also, the opposite parties were talking about this and using this on their behalf.


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