Paula Dhier Husband Ron Rallis Threatens Over William Timmons Affair and Cheating Allegation Details: There has been a revelation that was made by the congressman, William Timmons, of being involved in an affair with a successful entrepreneur, Paula Dyer. However, this revelation has started yet another fire between a couple of Paula and Ron. Ron has started threatening her with their divorce and he also said that he will also be fighting for the custody of their child. Follow More Updates On

Paula Dhier Husband Ron Rallis

Who Is Paula Dhier Husband Ron Rallis?

This has started to make her marriage life difficult and there is some backlash that she has been receiving. Her life has now been filled with obstacles that have been there in every direction. The couple seems to be on edge currently as the heat between them boils up even further. There have been many speculations in regards to her extramarital affair with the congressmen on the internet. Let’s talk a little about Paula, who is facing a lot of heat in the midst of controversy.

Paula is a well-known businesswoman and was running her business alongside her husband. They both were well-known interior designers, and it was the base that had made them set up the company about seven years ago. They have aggregated a huge portfolio together. Paula had a big reputation to back her work as a successful interior designer. She had a huge base of clients and her business was also running well. She is that sort of person who has the ability to improve the social network with the work she creates.

Ron Rallis Affair and Cheating Allegation

However, it all would have felt like a waste when Paula’s husband, Ron Rallis got to witness the scandal of her wife, which made him start thinking about divorce and also taking the custody of their child into his own hands. This would have been very devastating for Ron to hear as they had been together for quite some time. That is what had made him make her wife pay for her deeds.

Paula and Ron had a happy married life up until the point when Paula’s affair came out to the public, soon after the 18-word statement made by the congressman, William Timmons after he was asked questions about his extramarital affair. Her life has only gone downhill from that point, and even Ron would have been devastated. The name of their daughter together is Sterling and she had come into this world after the surrogacy operation.

Paula was also given financial support from Timmons for keeping it a secret, as stated by William Timmons. This revelation has made sure that their marriage ends up being over and that there is nothing left for them. However, there is nothing that has been confirmed as of now and we will convey it to you as soon as it is made official.


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