Paul Reubens AKA Peewee Herman Arrested: Why Was He Arrested? Charges Explained: This news is related to the American Comedian, Paul Reubens who was the mind and the inventor behind the character of Pee Wee Herman is reportedly arrested recently. He had played the character of Pee-wee Herman for more than 40 years. He had even been popular in the 1980s after many of his films and shows were turning hits. Follow More Updates On

Paul Reubens Arrested

Paul Reubens AKA Peewee Herman Arrested

The beginning of it all was a performance in the theater in 1981 and it was in that year that it was turned into a special on the major TV platform HBO. The stage play was then adapted to be on the big screen in the year 1985. Then, Paul decided that he will be making the Pee-Bigwee’s adventure and turn it into an experience that will be very family-friendly and will be suitable for a young audience as well. However, in 1991 in the month of July Paul was jailed after he was accused of defiling a theater that was screening sexual pictures. The comedian has been freed on bail.

Who Is Paul Reubens AKA Peewee Herman?

It was in 1991 when he was detained by the police after he was charged with a crime. According to the reports, the detectives were keeping an eye on the patrons of the movie and they arrested anyone who was seen being involved in exposure in an indecent manner. The reports were such that Paul had been alleged to have child p0rn0graphy with him and he was caught with it. However, Paul’s attorney had something else to say. According to him, the recording was a stolen one and was used against him by framing him and it was nothing but a ploy to get him arrested. The image of the artist was ruined by that and it was difficult to retain it back.

Why was Paul Reubens AKA Peewee Herman Arrested?

The charge of child p0rn was dropped later on as well, but, Paul had pleaded guilty on the charge of being obscene and had to serve a sentence of one year in prison. His recent appearance had even startled everyone. However, the character, as well as the actor, were made fun of when the arrest was announced in the public.

Pee Wee Herman’s Net worth

The artist is said to have a net worth of over $5 million including all his assets and incomes. He was a well-known personality at that time and had even received many accolades for his contribution to the field. Even the show got many nominations and awards for its popularity.


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