Talking about the most amazing fighting platform, the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) always coming on the top. On 6th June 2021, another enthralling fight will be going to happen between flaming fighters. The MMA also well known for cage fighting and it is ready to commence another fantastic match between two powerful fighters. If we talk about the names of the fighters then Logan Paul is all set to square off against Floyd Mayweather. The much-awaited boxing fight will be going to happen on 6th June 2021 in which two professional and sledgehammer fighters will be going to show their terrific form.

paul logan vs floyd mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Match Details

  • Event:  Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida
  • Date: 08:00 P.M IST, the bout is conducted at 05:30 PM IST
  • Time: 06th June 2021, on Sunday, 07th June 2021, on Monday
  • Live Streaming: and

One of the most popular and dreaded boxing fights is all set to schedule in the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Fla. The main event will be going begin at 11:00 PM according to Eastern Standard Time (EST). The eight-round total will be conducted between Paul and Mayweather in which each round with the timing of 3 minutes. On the other hand, the match will come to an end when any player will get knocked out or the umpire sees that the player needs intercede. Also, the match will be going to introduce a very enthralling battle between two exceptional fighters who ready to make the fight eye-catching and terrific.

Let’s looking at the physical appearance of the fighters because it is important to give you accurate information related to the upcoming fight. Paul is younger and taller than Mayweather. Paul is 26 years old fighter with a height of 6’2″ and Mayweather is 44 years old fighter with a height of 5’8″. If we talk about the abilities then Paul is faster than Mayweather from the side of the foot. On the other hand, Mayweather is a legendary boxer who still unbeatable for 49 professional boxing matches. The main concern is the fight card of the match and therefore, there are only 4 fights on the main card.

Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Fight Card:

  • Main Card: – Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Contracted Exhibition with 8 rounds
  • Light Heavyweight, Darwin Colina vs Budo Jack with 10 Rounds
  • Junior Middleweight, Luis Arias vs Jarrett Hurd with 10 Rounds
  • Contracted Exhibition, Brian Maxwell vs Chad Johnson with 4 rounds

If we talk about the first fight of Logan Paul then he first involved in the match on 9th November 2019 but he lost the split decision to KSI. On the other hand, Mayweather’s debut happened on 31st December 2018 when he was knocked out against Tenshin Nasukawa in the first round. But, it was not just the first match because both the boxers improve their skills and become professional level boxers to contain much fame and popularity.


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