Who Is Paul Hoile? Met police officer in court on rape charges: A special metropolitan police officer Paul Hoile at the age of 40 is charged with rape. He was arrested on 6th July in Benfleet at 10:30 pm. You might be shocked after hearing this news that police are for our safety purpose and here the officer itself took the advantage of his uniform. This news has now viral on the internet and people are angry and asking whom they should trust. If you are here to know what happened in this news so you are in the right place. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com


Who Is Paul Hoile?

An officer named Paul Hoile 40 years of age has been charged with rape and now he is arrested. This incident took place in Newport when he was off-duty and he took advantage of the moment and did the rape a teenage girl. He was also accused of anal rape and had also done two oral rape and he had charged with four sections of the Sexual Offences Act. People are now angry with this news and want justice for that girl who suffered from this situation. This case was transferred to Telford custody and he was arrested in Benfleet around 10:30 pm. He is now suspended from duty and can never join a government job.

Paul Hoile Arrested

Yes, he is arrested in Benfleet, Essex on 6th July Wednesday. Now, this case is given to Telford custody. The directorate Of Professional Standards has suspended him from duty and he will be charged with a large amount of fine for the crime he did. It’s been said he has to spend 5-6 years in jail as a punishment and he can also be a part of any government jobs. Many organisations that worked for woman rights are now coming front and want justice for all the girls who got from this thing.

Now, rape cases are increasing day by day and in this even teens are involved so this is the responsibility of the parents and teacher to teach them the values so they think about this. In school, some programs should be there to tell the girls about the good touch & bad touches so they can also know who is taking advantage of them. They can ask for help from others and scream and they should never go out with a stranger. The government can also play a major role in this and schedule some schemes or programs for girls for their safety.


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