Paul Harrell: Is Military Service Self Defense Story Real?: Are you also seeking a detailed article written about Paul Harrell? If yes, then this article can help you to read about him and fetch some imperative information that is not available anywhere on the internet. Paul Harrell is a popular Youtuber who rose to prominence after starting his Youtube channel in 2012. Paul Harrell’s Youtube channel is widely popular for knowledgeable videos regarding firearms and guns. People who love to learn how to handle highly advanced guns and firearms visit his Youtube channel as he has posted ample content regarding guns and ammo. Here we have discussed plenty of imperative information related to Paul Harrell. You are advised to stick with this page for a while and must take a look below. Follow More Updates On

Paul Harrell

Who Is Paul Harrell?

Currently, the Youtube channel of Paul Harrell is standing with 740K subscribers. He is maintaining his Youtube channel since 2012, it has become nearly 10 years since he created his channel. As of now, Paul Harrell has pushed nearly 300 videos on his Youtube channel. In his Youtube videos, he mainly talks about guns and teaches how to use them appropriately. Apart from this he also creates review videos of guns and firearms. If you have an interest in guns and ammo then you should visit this Youtube channel. Scroll down the page for more details.

Is Military Service Self Defense Story Real?

Once he also co-hosted The Gun Guys, a show that premiered on History Channel. Paul Harrell co-hosted this show alongside Bryan Larkin, both left an impact on the audience. Paul Harrell’s name comes on the list of knowledgable, responsible, and gun enthusiast content creators. Whenever Paul Harrell demonstrates how to use guns he wears a khaki field jacket. As of now, Paul Harrell has posted and created videos extensively about the different kinds of firearms and guns over the years. Learn further information about Paul Harrell in the following section.

Do you know how Paul Harrell gained so much knowledge about guns and firearms? He served in the armed forces before becoming a Youtuber. Paul Harrell served in the armed force of the US. Prior to becoming a Youtuber, Paul Harrell was a member of the US Marine Corps and US Army. Paul Harrell was part of two deployments in the Middle East. He often says the knowledge he is flourishing about guns is based on his own real-life experience. Stay tuned to this website for more details.


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