Another shocking and hilarious incident happened in Patna’s Danapur district. A passenger vehicle fell into the Ganga river that took eight people’s life and several people missing yet. The incident took place on Friday morning.

patna ganga accident

Let us tell you that the passenger vehicles hold almost 25 people who crossing the Pipa Bridge over the Ganga river. Suddenly, the vehicle lost the balance and fell down into the river that caused eight dead and several people missed out on the place. The local residence immediately took to the place and help as much as possible. But, unfortunately, eight people have to leave their life in the accident. The police were called by the local and currently, the police investigating the entire incident.

The reports also confirmed that all the people returning from the Tilak Ceremony. Later, police also called the rescue team that helps to find more people from the river. Currently, the rescue team regularly finding missing people because many of them still not found by the team. The police properly investigating the entire matter and the rescue team also doing the work with full spirit. It was a very big accident that happened at the place. The local residence also afraid after they get the news of the accident.

If we talk about the people who lost their lives in the accident then their names are given here. Let us tell you that, in the counting of deceased 6 people are young and other two are kids. The names are Ramakant Singh (75), Geeta Devi (60), Arvind Singh (50), Saroj Devi (65), Anuradha Devi (75), and Ashish (8). Apart from this, kids who found dead in the terrific accident are aged 12 and 14. The name of the kids has not been identified but the police regularly trying to do their best for everyone.

After the accident took place at the place, the local residents immediately took to the place to help the people who stuck in the place. The police were also immediately called by the locals that help all the people who suffer from dangerous and major injuries. Now, the investigation is going on and the police regularly trying to find the identity of the people who found in the incident. On the other hand, the rescue team also continuously finding the missing people who still can’t found by the rescue team. So, stay tuned here to know more information related to the incident.


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