The latest episode of Patiala Babes starts with Mickey entering his friend Mini house, where he encountered Hanuman Singh. Hanuman questioned Mickey’s coming and going. In response, Mickey said that he has a brilliant plan to better Babita and Mini’s mood. Both Babita and Mini are very disturbed because of Meeta’s pregnancy. Hanuman asked Mickey him what’s the plan. Mickey told Mini and Babita that their video has received over 1 lakh views and likes. He said they have to make another video. Babita said what they will make in the new video. Hanuman gave her an idea to cook Halwa. 

In Patiala Babes 12th June 2019 episode, Mini shot the video of Babita making Moong Dal Halwa in which Hanuman played the role of Babita’s volunteer. The two had a great time together while filming for the video. The two cooked together. Hanuman and Mickey had a word with each other where Mickey pulled Hanuman’s leg for liking Babita. Hanuman told Mickey to don’t be so over smart. Mickey told Hanuman about girls putting guys in the friend zone. Hanuman got worried thinking of getting friend zone by Babita. The new video made Babita and Mini happy. Mini edited the video and showed it to Babita. Babita noticed that Hanuman was staring at her in the video. Babita told Mini to not film Hanuman in their next video.

Mini uploaded the video on social media and the video started getting comments. While many praised Babita for her cooking skills while one of the users commented: ‘What a wonderful video is it. How cute you guys are looking, husband and wife.” Mini laughed as one of the viewers think that Babita and Hanuman are couples. Mini told Babita not to overreact and clarified her and Hanuman’s relation in the comment. Mini wrote in the comment that Hanuman is just a friend of Babita. On the other hand, Hanuman got worried because of what Mickey told him. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite TV show Patiala Babes and written episodes.


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