Patiala Babes is one of the most loving serials. this serial comes under top rating serial on Sony Entertainment Channel. Patiala Babes be aired on Sony channel from 27 November 2018. The serial Patiala Babes is created and directed by Rajita Sharma and produced by Katha Kottage. The serial is all about the relationship between a daughter and a mother. She helps her mother through the digital age life. Daughter name is Minnie and mother name is Babita. Minnie wanted to be a travel photographer because she dreams of travelling all over the world.

Patiala Babes 7th January 2019, written episode update begins with Babita expressing her willingness to begin a new journey of her life. Babita requests Mini to take her to a world which is away from all the fake people and fake relationships. Babita speaks her heart out in front of Mini. In the morning, Hanuman is writing a resignation letter for commissioner.

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To pray for Hanuman’s good, Babita and Mini both visit Matarani’s temple. Their wishes get fulfilled when Hanuman gets his job back. Due to his job, he gets very sad but when he saw Mini he said that today I am so happy because I leave my job. Dadji is very upset with Ashok for fighting with Hanuman. He tells Ashok that he has taken the report back. Ashok says he did all this, owing to his concern for Mini. Ashok said he feels insecure for Mini as Hanuman is an alcoholic and stays alone in the house.

Hanuman thanks to Babita for making tasty breakfast for him. He said to Babita that today’s morning is going awesome due to this lovely breakfast and gods blessing. Kharti gets very shocked to know that Hanuman has got his Thanedaar status back. Khatri lies to his wife and raises a question on Babita’s character.


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