Patiala Babes 4 September 2019 Written Updates: Babita stays at Naeem Bi’s home for a few days

In Patiala Babes 4th September 2019 episode, Babita gets convince to stay at Naeem Bi's home because of Lovely.

Patiala Babes 4 September 2019 Written Updates: Babita stays at Naeem Bi's home for a few days
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In the previous episode of Sony TV show Patiala Babes, Babita serves tea to everyone, and just then Lovely arrives at their house along with her husband. Everyone including Hanuman Singh greets Lovely and Sukhi. Lovely hugs Babita and congratulates her. She goes on to say with overexcitement that she cannot believe Babita is going to marry for the second time. Her comment makes Babita a little uncomfortable, and everyone notices it. Sukhi tries to put some sense into Lovely and tells her to stay quiet. Mini’s grandfather asks Lovely not to call Babita a sister-in-law as she’s not her sister-in-law anymore. Mini comes there and interrupts him by saying Lovely can definitely call Babita as sister-in-law.

Mini comes close to her aunt, Lovely, and says she can call her mother as sister-in-law without hesitation as Hanuman is like her brother as well. She asks Lovely if she sent him ‘Rakhi’ this year. She says that she will definitely fight with her for this reason as she should’ve sent him a ‘Rakhi.’ Lovely hugs Mini and says that she missed her so much. Mini says she also missed her a lot. Sukhi asks Mini if she setup Hanuman and Babita’s love story. She says in response that she didn’t do anything as they did it by themselves.

Sukhi says to Mini that he is so proud of her. Lovely distributes gifts among everyone that she brought from Dubai. Her mother asks her why did she have to spend so much money on gifts? Lovely asks, “Did you forget how we all used to wait for when brother Ashok used to come home from London to know what gifts he got for us? Her father gets angry and asks her not to mention Ashok’s name. Her mother says that her father is right. She says that Babita is going to start a new life with Hanuman Singh and asks her to not mention Ashok even by mistake.

Lovely can’t help but gushes about Dubai. Mini and Mickey bring cold drinks and snacks for everyone. Lovely gives Mini a scarf and jacket she brought for her from Dubai. Mini gets happy to receive a gift from her aunt; Lovely also gives her a makeup kit for her mother, Babita. Babita seems a little disturb because of Lovely’s comment. In Patiala Babes 4th September 2019 episode, Babita gets convince to stay at Naeem Bi’s home because of Lovely. Mini talks to Hanuman saying how can he stay relax when Babita isn’t home. She makes a plan with her Hanuman uncle to meet her babes. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of TV and written episodes.

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